In the event that you have been in hospital, suffered illness or had a fall, our reablement care can help you regain your strength and confidence.

It can be a frightening experience to recover at home on your own. But if you need a bit of extra help to get back on your feet, our compassionate and friendly staff can help you.
It is our pleasure to offer tailored care packages to people, based on their needs, circumstances, and preferences. The Reablement program provides HomeCare through a visiting care worker.

How does reablement care work?

You will receive personal care, assistance with daily living activities, and other practical tasks for a limited period of time from our reablement care staff. It is our goal for you to gain both the confidence and practical skills to do these activities independently.

Reablement care is an effective solution for those who need short-term intensive support.

Particularly helpful for those who have been in hospital – your consultant will only discharge you if they agree that you can handle things on your own, or that you have the right level of support at home.

As a result, you are comfortable, capable and confident in living independently, since it is personalised to your needs and circumstances.

Who can benefit from this?

● Inpatients in the NHS or private hospitals who can safely go home if they have a hospital discharge care plan
● Domiciliary care and or sleeping/waking night care for people who require high levels of support
● Confusion following illness/infection, which may make people feel unsafe in the absence of others
● Those who are frail and need intensive care before they can live independently

At HomeCare Mellor, we are known for providing rapid, responsive, and person-centred reablement care services to the public sector.

What Happens?

1. The first meeting

Contacting us is the first step in the process. An experienced member of our consultation team will talk through your challenges and difficulties with you, making notes on how we may be able to help.

2. Selecting the right service

Once we have gathered your first set of information, we refer you to our wider team of specialists to select which care services are right for you.

3. Providing ongoing support

Due to the fact that situations can change quickly, our continuous support after our services is enrolled is a key part of our offering.

By doing so, we can make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible, allowing you to concentrate on getting better.

We are committed to providing practical and affordable solutions which enable people to return to or remain in their own homes. Our aim is to complete care assessments within 24 hours of contact. We are particularly responsive in emergency situations and can swiftly provide a package of care from the initial contact.